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2023 Schedule

Up through December 9, 2022, I will be seeing clients in-person, via Tele-health options, and doing phone sessions.  After a Holiday break in December, I will only be doing Zoom or phone sessions until March 29, 2023, then back to in person April 4th. Additionally, as data comes in about any Covid-19 variants or other […]

What I really want you to know: you are not alone

When I prepare myself to work on a newsletter, it isn’t always with enthusiasm and zest.  Often I let myself get tongue-tied because there is just so much “out there ” and “in here” (our personal mailboxes). There’s so much accessible information on the web, which used to be harder to find, that I’m concerned anything I might contribute is just so much […]

The 4 Stages of Yoga

This article is not only about the Four Stages of Yoga, but about why they aren’t being taught, my own teaching, and what I want to do about it! Some of you are aware that I have wanted to open up a dialogue with the on-going yoga community I have attracted over the years—it’s interests and needs, in […]