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The Big View of Hard Times

An article by Kat Allen: The Big View of Hard Times This article was published years before our world changed because of Covid-19, but as we all know, things have been been growing progressively more difficult and scary for a long time. I hope this article may bring some broader perspective to your own experience. […]

When Couples Counseling Works

For Couples Counseling to work, there are essential factors that need to be present, and continuously addressed, for both the clients and the therapist. Here follows a breakdown of the main conditions that are necessary for a shift to truly occur in your relationship!  The main thing to remember is that we all have patterns of thinking […]

Shadow Work and the Inner Selves: exposing what’s hidden

Shadow Work and the Inner Selves: the cornerstone of assessing and refining your personality lies in exposing what is hidden!  Both refer to aspects, traits or energies within a person that show up to deal  with, endure, enhance or somehow effect a specific situation. You may be familiar with one or both terms, if you […]

The Inner Revolution of Kindness

The Inner Revolution of Kindness “The path to our happy place starts with one choice: whether or not to be kind. Especially when we really don’t want to be.” Shaunti Feldhahn [1] We all want to be happy, this is self-evident. My intention in this article is to share the growing evidence that supports the […]

Clearing and Releasing Grievances

Clearing Grievances with skill and compassion Don’t do it like the lady in the picture!  Learn to release your anger, resentment and victimized feelings by engaging in a clearing unresolved grievances process that really works!  This workshop is designed to help anyone who is plagued by the negative emotions associated with a grievance, and needs help in processing the painful […]

What I really want you to know: you are not alone

When I prepare myself to work on a newsletter, it isn’t always with enthusiasm and zest.  Often I let myself get tongue-tied because there is just so much “out there ” and “in here” (our personal mailboxes). There’s so much accessible information on the web, which used to be harder to find, that I’m concerned anything I might contribute is just so much […]

The 4 Stages of Yoga

This article is not only about the Four Stages of Yoga, but about why they aren’t being taught, my own teaching, and what I want to do about it! Some of you are aware that I have wanted to open up a dialogue with the on-going yoga community I have attracted over the years—it’s interests and needs, in […]

Find True Well-being through Energy Practices

This article on Finding (and keeping!) True Well-being through Energy Practices briefly explains the what and the why of “energy clearing.” And by giving you some ideas about the “how,” my hope is that you will seek out some guidance to learn these practices, as tried and true methods with an experienced guide are always most beneficial. Why should […]

The Healthy Mind on CHANGE

The Healthy Mind on CHANGE,  or, Therapist finds enchantment in her Inner Geek! What I  will outline below in this article are some key points in learning to navigate a world where change is happening at a faster place, and more frequently, to almost everyone, including myself.  And trust me, change can be as hard for me […]

Couples Counseling in West Seattle–Traits of Healthy Relationships

If you are thinking about seeking Couples Counseling in West Seattle for concerns about your relationship, Congratulations!  That is a very healthy thing to do–to stop and wonder, “Hmmm, maybe someone outside the system will be able to see what is going on more clearly, not take sides, and actually be able to TEACH US […]