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“PT” for your Relationship

“PT” for your Relationship: Using the model of Physical Therapy for strong, resilient connections! Normally, in intimate relationship, we go along, marking out the steps in our various dances according to the conditioning we’ve received…and things go pretty much as expected.  But a critical event can happen, unforeseen or sometimes for-seeable, that causes a rupture.  […]

EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Part 2 of the healthy Human Life Series

EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: A Daylong Workshop (lunch included) I:  The Feeling Body and Self-Compassion II.  Releasing & Clearing Emotion   Sunday, November 18, 2018    9 am-4 pm   Just in time for the Thanksgiving trip to see the family!  One of the most neglected areas in our culture is learning how to be present in the Feeling […]