• 2023 Schedule

Update, December 2022:

Due to spending some winter months outside the Seattle area, I am only seeing clients online via Tele-health options (Zoom or FaceTime, both of which are HIPPA compliant), as well as over the phone.  I will return to having in-person sessions again in April 2023, dependent upon Covid restrictions.

Additionally, as 2023 data comes in about any Covid-19 variants or other viruses, I will assess whether it’s safe too keep doing in-person sessions.  Those have always been my preferred method of seeing clients, however!

Please contact me by text or phone at 206-650-7449, or email kat@fouraims.com, for any additional questions or updates.



Due to the large number of people searching for therapists at this time, I oftentimes will require a short phone consult to determine if any prospective client will be a good fit. If I’m not available, I can offer referrals to other resources or therapists.  

Support for Emotional Resilience:

I know we all are so tired and perhaps demoralized by this on-going, world-altering reality of Covid.  And in dire need of bolstering our emotional resilience!  Not thinking this would take more than 2 years to resolve, I wish so many things.  I wish I had had more, or taken more time, over the past 30 months, to offer some online classes… Meditations, yoga, workshops, anything to reduce fear, fatigue and anxiety!   While I can’t guarantee I’ll squeeze in the extra work now, I do have the intention in the new year to work on that aspect.

For over 30 years it was my job as a yoga therapist, teacher and studio owner, to create multi-dimensional experiences for others. Utilizing breath, visualization, movement, music, mantra, meditation, and yoga asana, these practices supported our ability to access inner sources of light, love and wisdom, thereby grounding ourselves in an Embodied Spirituality.  For me, this is been such a boon to my own emotional resiliency and healing. And through the millennia, countless beings have found healing and peace in this way as well.  I have faith we all can too.  If you are interested in this integrated type of approach to working with your concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Tele-health or phone sessions really aren’t a bad way to go!

Blessings and with love,