Integrative Psychotherapy:
Accessing the Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy, and Spirit

Life is a journey of awakening, and not only can we learn to witness this process with more heart and clarity, we can connect more intimately with our own life force, our Core Being, and our life’s greater purpose.  My Integrative Psychotherapy approach suits those looking to discover a new way of dealing with life’s challenges and mysteries; to not only develop greater  insight into why you do what you do, but to make real shifts in thinking and behavior by working directly with the underlying (sometimes unconscious) beliefs that cause suffering.   Utilizing the MEBES Method helps us look at our concerns through the lenses of Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy and Spirit, and opens up great possibilities for change.


My Integrative Psychotherapy method helps create
insight and change in the areas of:

  • Reactivity: get traction on difficult emotional and behavioral patterns
  • Relationship: find what drives you to feel and behave the way you do in the crucible of intimate relationship. Learn about the effects of early bonding patterns and how the dynamics within your family-of-origin impacted your brain and functioning in relationship.
  • Mindfulness: utilize the “felt-sense” of the body/mind to stay grounded in present moment awareness, no matter how challenging
  • Mood problems: learn techniques for working with anxiety and depression
  • Positive psychology: develop more positive attitudes and greater self-esteem
  • Family of Origin: find how the “there and then” connects with the “here and now” and clear old emotional wounds
  • Shadow Work: uncover troublesome inner material (discovered on your own or from feedback by others); learn from it and how to integrate it
  • Grief and Loss: learning about, and allowing the process of Letting Go
  • Intimacy and Sexuality: open up honest conversations and embrace greater dimensions of intimacy in all its forms
  • Trauma and Addiction:  the areas in which I specialize.  The medical community now recognizes the efficacy, really the necessity, of the body-oriented and/or the spiritually-oriented approaches for these disorders, which are a big focus of my therapy practice.

Working with individuals, couples and groups, which includes LGBT and other sexually diverse clients,  I not only believe but have personally experienced, that the ability to witness yourself without judgment, connect with the “felt-sense” of the body (knowing your somatic identity), challenge yourself to acknowledge and work with your difficult personality traits, and move beyond perfectionism to embrace compassion for self and all beings, is key to a happier existence.  Recent strides in the field of neuroscience have also contributed significant understanding to the process of counseling: since the body, brain-behavior, and the ability to relate well coexist, we’re learning how important it is to re-wire our neural pathways to make profound changes in how we view our relationships and emotional lives.

For those who’d like to speak with me, to see if we are a good fit, or to answer your questions about Integrative Psychotherapy, I offer a 15 minute consultation, by phone or in person, free of charge.  I can also schedule brief, 30 minute sessions, pro-rated.  I usually see clients in my private office at the Four Aims, but also do consultation and therapy by phone or Skype. I offer a reduced rate for a commitment of 5 consecutive visits.  Please visit the rates page for more information.