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About Kat Allen

Kat Allen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working with individuals and couples, a yoga teacher since 1987, and longtime facilitator of whole person, experiential transformation, in both group and private settings.

2024 Schedule

  Each year, due to spending some winter months (usually January, February and March) outside the Seattle area, I will be seeing clients online only, via Tele-health options (Zoom or FaceTime, both of which are HIPPA compliant), as well as over the phone.  I will return to having in-person sessions again each April. Additionally, as […]

What I really want you to know: you are not alone

When I prepare myself to work on a newsletter, it isn’t always with enthusiasm and zest.  Often I let myself get tongue-tied because there is just so much “out there ” and “in here” (our personal mailboxes). There’s so much accessible information on the web, which used to be harder to find, that I’m concerned anything I might contribute is just so much […]

The 4 Stages of Yoga

This article is not only about the Four Stages of Yoga, but about why they aren’t being taught, my own teaching, and what I want to do about it! Some of you are aware that I have wanted to open up a dialogue with the on-going yoga community I have attracted over the years—it’s interests and needs, in […]