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Returning to the Source is Stillness,
Which is the way of nature.
The way of nature is unchanging - Lao Tsu

UPDATE: As of January 1, 2024, I am able to accept new individual clients, as well as new Couples clients. Due to practicing from a remote location through March 27, I will be available only through Telehealth and phone sessions. I look forward to connecting, so please feel free to reach out via email, text or phone.

Welcome to Four Aims Counseling for Mind-Body healing, the integrative psychotherapy practice of Kat Allen. My intention in providing counseling to individuals and couples is to open pathways toward clear, kind, authentic interaction, personal growth, and both insight and shifts in behavior and thinking.

Due to my extensive background with therapies that ground one in the the body and deepen emotional awareness, I specialize in relationships of all kinds, working with the emotions (responsiveness and/or reactivity), trauma, and addiction. As well, I have specific training in integrative therapies, ADHD, mood disorders, Family Systems, and applying Buddhist and yogic psychology to living life in the modern world.

In addition to maintaining my private practice, I am a certified yoga therapist, and taught regular group yoga classes and meditation from 1987-2019. Because of my teaching background, I am a huge fan of psycho-education, and rely on and share the most up-to-date studies from the the fields of psychology and neurobiology as they relate to human behavior, and the implications for relationships. In that regard, I consider my study and practice of Mindfulness a key modality and employ Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Focusing technique (body-feelings oriented), Attachment-based therapies, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Family Systems. For Couples work, I utilize the work of Emotionally-focused Therapy, John and Julie Gottman, Harville Hendrix (Imago Therapy), and the Psycho-biological approaches of Stan Tatkin, and Doug and Naomi Moseley (the Moseley Method).

I hope you find a lot of useful information on this website, and hope to speak with you soon!

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