• Workshop: Healing Practices for Trauma, Stress and Compassion Fatigue

Please join Kat Allen & Scott Tusa for the Workshop: Healing Practices for Stress, Trauma and Compassion Fatigue. Integrating Buddhist Psychology, Body Psychotherapy & Yoga Therapy, this combined approach will be sure to inspire you, give you a feeling of deep connection with yourself, and offer you practical tools, both experiential and intellectual, that will help you and all your relations.

Sunday, January 7, 2018 12:30-6:30 pm

Move2Center Studio
3618 S.W. Alaska Street, Lower Level– entrance is on 37th Ave. SW. 
Seattle WA, 98126

Cost: $120, includes tea and snacks.  Space is limited.

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This immersion on Healing Practices for Stress, Trauma and Compassion Fatigue invites the general public, therapists, yoga teachers, and anyone interested in healing modalities that are grounded in authentic, tried and true methodologies from both the east and west.

Whether you have a history that includes anxiety or trauma, are experiencing the need to replenish yourself as a caregiver, healer or therapist, or are interested in learning an integrative, holistic approach to healing, you will discover that this workshop offers far more than simple self-help tools.  What is needed in order to truly heal is a transformative path that does not see our modern human condition as a self-improvement project, but one that develops in us a deep trust in ourselves and in our own ability to heal. As a result of this we can experience a type of grounded resiliency— one that engages challenges with more ease and wisdom, and helps us overcome mental and emotional habits that cause unnecessary suffering.

From a Buddhist perspective learn about:
• A Buddhist approach to emotional resilience
• How accessing our present moment awareness can connect us to a deeper compassion for ourselves and others
• How to be with our challenging experiences through meditation
• Learning to trust in our innate goodness
How Buddhist practice can support and deepen both a healing path and a transformational path

From body-based psychotherapy and yoga methodologies learn, or deepen your ability to:
• Relax the physical and subtle bodies
Connect with the felt-sense of the body
Restore emotional regulation
• Replenish energy, and rejuvenate an overworked nervous system
Stay present, refine sensory and energy awareness, and describe whatever is arising, without judgment

Guest teacher extraordinaire, please check out Scott’s webpage and wonderful blog

Scott Tusa is a Buddhist teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. He teaches meditation and Buddhist psychology nationally and supports Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Pundarika Sangha as a practice advisor. He trained in Buddhist philosophy and meditation with some of the greatest living masters since his early twenties, including Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and Tulku Sangag Rinpoche. Ordained by His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, he spent nine years as a Buddhist monk, with much of that time engaged in solitary meditation retreat and study in the United States, India, and Nepal.

Kat Allen specializes in Healing Practices for Stress, Trauma and Compassion Fatigue in her psychotherapy practice; her full bio can be found on the Kat Allen page on this site.


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