WHOLE SYSTEM RESET: Get inspired and committed!

Ever noticed how January 1st, the beginning of the New Year, doesn’t actually work well to set new intentions or get a “fresh start?”  That’s because our bodies and minds are much more influenced by the seasons than we realize, and Winter is just not the time of year to “birth” anything new!  According to systems more aligned with the natural order of this planet, like Ayurveda and yoga, Spring is a much better time to clear out the old, and bring in the new (duh!). And here in the Northwest, we also have to take into consideration the environmental factors: a lot of rain and cold weather do not help us re-boot easily. That is why May in Seattle is the perfect time to rejuvenate one’s system, rather than in March or April, due to the warmer air and Sun aiding our process of heating up.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will utilize different yogic techniques to experience a WHOLE SYSTEM RESET.  By encouraging more of the “Activating Wind,” known in Sanskrit as the prana vayu, we feel new energy stimulating and uplifting our bodies and minds.   Through a well-balanced, integrated practice of breath, movement, sound and stillness (relaxation, meditation and guided visualization), we will cleanse and renew the physical and energy body, and in so doing, open the way for the mind and emotions to reset as well. Receive new inspiration and vital energy!  Clarify your intentions for the rest of the year, and actually put them into practice!

Some yoga experience is helpful, as we will challenge the body to build inner heat, through slow, deep and flowing postures.  If you have any active injuries, you need to know how to work with them.  There will be time for journaling and discussion, to help anchor your new energy and awareness.


DATE:  Sunday May 17, 2019   8:30-11:30 am

LOCATION: The Four Aims Center 4601 SW Othello St (2 blocks from Lincoln Park in West Seattle) Seattle WA 98136 Cost: $50 for a single workshop; Pre-registration is necessary as there is limited space available.

To register directly using Venmo or PayPal: ~ Venmo: search for KatAllen58, and send $50, with a note designating your workshop choice. ~ PayPal: send $5o to kat@fouraims.com via friends/family (to avoid a fee), with a note designating which workshop.

To register with Square, Zelle, check or cash, click here to inform Kat which payment option you would prefer, and she can invoice you.

For any further questions, call 206-650-7449 or email, kat@fouraims.com

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