• Saturday Meditation Series in West Seattle

Saturday Meditation Series in West Seattle
Join Kat for a 6 week series, October 6-November 11, 2017, 9-10 am. By donation!

There’s no escaping it–we have to get our butts on the cushion and put in actual time practicing to reap the benefits. We can’t just keep reading about how helpful meditation is across all domains of life, or deepening one’s intellectual learning, which is great but not the real deal. We have to get meditative experience to actual receive the transformational aspects of it. But we all know how difficult that seems to be these days! So here’s a great idea: let’s receive and offer support to one another in a Saturday Meditation Series, over a six week period, and see if that can help us get more firmly established in our practice.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, have a rudimentary practice or an established one, it its mindfulness or another form of mediation you practice, join Kat and friends for an hour on six Saturdays at 9 am. We will begin with a brief teaching on a method for practice that could be used in the main part of the meditation, followed by a “lead-in” by Kat that includes guided awareness of breath, body and some energy practices (15 minutes max). For the rest of practice you can use Kat’s suggestions (good for beginners), or continue with any particular meditation technique you have been working with. Examples of the kinds of techniques Kat might suggest:

-mindfulness (awareness of sensations/feelings/thoughts as they arise)
-shamatha, “calm abiding” practice (with or w/o support)
-metta, “loving-kindness” practice
-grounding one’s “wind” energy (prana, chi, lung)
-mantra recitation

Cost: By Donation! But a commitment to come is necessary, as best as one is able.

So get to it! Space is limited–contact Kat ASAP to reserve your place in this Saturday Meditation Series!

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