• Clearing and Releasing Grievances

Clearing Grievances with skill and compassion

Don’t do it like the lady in the picture!  Learn to release your anger, resentment and victimized feelings by engaging in a clearing unresolved grievances process that really works!  This workshop is designed to help anyone who is plagued by the negative emotions associated with a grievance, and needs help in processing the painful side without causing harm, and then letting go and moving forward.

Whether you have experienced a traumatic event, lost a friend or a relationship, have an ax to grind over a career issue, or find that you just can’t get over something that has happened to you (even something far in your past), this workshop will help you be present with, more deeply understand, and ultimately come to some kind of peace or resolve around your grievance. Join Kat Allen and just 4-5 others, within a safe setting to get to the bottom of a grievance, and utilize tools that Kat presents with gentle and clear guidance.  Kat will engage you to look at what is not clear, and help you gain insight around the dynamic or archetype at play that is holding you back.  The group will then gain great benefit from Kat’s ability to expertly guide specific exercises that clear the grievance through simple body-based awareness and movement, felt-sense exercises, energy clearing, and guided visualization   This gives you the opportunity to address your issues through direct experiences that affect the body, energy, emotions, spirit, thought patterns and belief systems, transforming and clearing the old grievance, and leaving you renewed.

Date: Friday, November 11, 7-9 pm   JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Cost: $45, payable by cash, check, PayPal or Square (with service charge).

Please contact Kat to get any of your questions answered or to register.



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