• Meditation for the 21st Century Brain

Meditation for the 21st Century Brain: breakthrough to a real meditation practice!


Workshop date:
Sunday, October 21
1-5:30 pm


Do you find it difficult to meditate?  Is your mind so distracted or your energy so ramped up you can barely sit still?  Welcome to the club!  As a culture, it is getting harder and harder to focus for even a few minutes.  There is so much happening in the world, especially in technology and the unseen world of frequencies and vibration, that it is a wonder anyone can settle down and re–establish a sense of spaciousness in their lives.

This workshop focuses on HOW we can approach meditation in a way that really helps us with that process. Rather than judging ourselves for our physical, mental or emotional agitation, why not learn new approaches to access meditative awareness?

Work with the Energy Body!
Gain more stability and greater Mental-Emotional health!


According to Eastern yogic traditions, mental and emotional well-being are a direct outcome of having open, unblocked and properly flowing channels within the energy body.  This workshop offers simple and practical exercises that positively shift the flow of energy, thereby affecting the mind, and opening the door to Calm Abiding, or shamatha practice.

Using basic mindfulness as a starting point, we will explore:

  • Simple movement as meditation
  • Breath awareness as meditation
  • Energy exercises as meditation
  • Visualization techniques as meditation
  • Sensing the Feeling Body as meditation
  • Calm Abiding as meditation

Progressing systematically through each meditation session, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to “settle down” in body and mind.  These practices are a chance to do “experiments’ on ourselves: to register how we are feeling, and the quality of our attention, before and after each session.  By the end of the workshop you will be established in sukha, or easeful presence.  Drinking in such positive shifts in the energy body, you will get “hooked” on meditation!

There is no pre-requisite for this workshop; it is open to all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.  More practiced meditations will find fresh approaches, while beginners will feel seen and supported.  Space is limited so that everyone can receive individual attention.


$95 —  Venmo, Zelle, cash or check, or PayPal (“send to a friend”)


Email Kat with your payment preference, and she will let you know soon whether the workshop will be at the Four Aims Center, or at Move2Center studio, both in West Seattle.

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