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Are you ready to create or fine-tune your Healthy Human Life?  This series of workshops for Fall 2018 comes from my 30 years of heart-felt practice and teaching.  Working intimately as I have with people’s bodies, minds and spirits, this accessible, integrative approach will help you actualize a truly Healthy Human Life!  To learn more about my background and why I train as I do, click here.

These practices are simple, so you can do them everyday.  They are organized to address our:

  1. Mental Well-Being
  2. Emotional Well-Being
  3. Spiritual Well-being

Since all of the above are intimately connected to the the body, our Physical Well-being is included in, but not specifically focused on, in this training.

Space is limited, in order to address and adjust the practices to individuals.  You’ll receive the most benefit if you take the three workshops together as a whole, as they build on each other.  However, it is possible to take them separately, space permitting. The most important thing is to get your “TUSH ON THE CUSH!”   If you can only take one or two, you are most welcome.


MENTAL WELL-BEING: Meditation for the 21st Century Brain
Sunday, October 21    1-5:30 pm

Do you find it difficult to meditate?  Welcome to the club!  As a culture, it is getting harder and harder to sit still and focus for even a few minutes.  This workshop focuses on HOW we can approach meditation in a way that really helps. Rather than judging ourselves, why not learn new approaches to access meditative awareness?

Work with the Energy Body!
Gain more stability and greater Mental-Emotional health!

According to Eastern yogic traditions, mental and emotional well-being are a direct outcome of having open, unblocked and properly flowing channels within the energy body.  This workshop offers simple and practical exercises that positively shift the flow of energy, thereby affecting the mind, and opening the door to Calm Abiding, or shamatha practice.

Using basic mindfulness as a starting point, we will explore:

  • Simple movement as meditation
  • Breath awareness as meditation
  • Energy exercises as meditation
  • Visualization techniques as meditation
  • Sensing the Feeling Body as meditation
  • Calm Abiding as meditation

You will be amazed at how much easier it is to “settle down.”  By the end of the workshop you will be established in sukha, or easeful presence.  Drinking in such positive shifts in the energy body, you will get “hooked” on meditation!



EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Daylong Workshop (lunch included)

Sunday, November 18    9 am-5 pm

I:  The Feeling Body and Self-Compassion

II.  Releasing & Clearing Emotion

Just in time for the Thanksgiving trip to see the family!  One of the most neglected areas in our culture is learning how to be present in the Feeling Body and work skillfully with our emotions.  The morning session will establish our ability to experience the Felt-Sense of the body, and integrate the experience of being Basically Good.  We will briefly cover how and why we have come to our view of self, family and the world, and our ability to be present for our emotions.  From there, we practice deepening our self-love, self-esteem, and self-compassion.

In the afternoon, we will delve into  safe and helpful Emotional Expression.  Often, we are too passive (repress and avoid), or too expressive (criticize, blame, explode) with our feelings.  When emotions are not expressed in healthy ways, they become “trapped” in the physical and energy body.  Trapped negative emotions are the root cause of, or a significant contributing factor in many things that go wrong in the physical body.  They also contribute to addiction, compulsive behaviors, and dysfunction in your relationships, career, etc.  Learn safe, effective ways to move, express and clear your emotional Body!


The practices will teach us to:

  • connect with the Feeling Body
  • establish a sense of ease and safety
  • access our Emotional Intelligence
  • ground ourselves in Basic Human Goodness and Dignity
  • release trapped negative emotions
  • uncover one’s own Essence Love

From a Buddhist perspective, here is a 4 minute video explaining  a mindful approach to emotions from Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

Sunday, December 4    1-5:30 pm

Deepening your consciousness or spiritual practice takes having a meaningful “view” of practice, and life!  In this workshop we will explore what Faith & Devotion mean in today’s world, and for living a Healthy Human Life.  You don’t have to believe in God or a deity to practice with faith, and feel devotion to something.  That can be Nature, the Tao, Universal Mind or Energy (mahaprana), a teacher or Guru, or the “ideal of Pure Awareness, ” as Patanjali states it.  Studies show that devotional practices bring a significantly high degree of stability and happiness, especially compared to those who are not devoted to any spiritual ideal.  We will include prayer, mantra repetition, chanting and singing, ritual, pilgrimage, nature practice and visualization in our examination.



Entire series (17 hours + lunch): $340 (can be divided into two payments)

Emotional Well-Being only (8 hours + lunch): $175

One 4.5-hour workshop only: $95

LOCATION:  The Four Aims Center, or,  Move2Center Studio, both in West Seattle


1. Email Kat or text 206-650-7449 to let her know you which workshop you are signing up for, and which payment option you prefer.

2. Payment options: cash, check, credit card, PayPal and mobile apps

Click on PayPal: state what you are signing up for and send full amount to kat@fouraims.com

To register via mobile app, your place will only be assured once you have paid the invoice from Kat:
Venmo (no service fee)
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Square (3% service fee)


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