• EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Part 2 of the healthy Human Life Series

EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: A Daylong Workshop (lunch included)

I:  The Feeling Body and Self-Compassion

II.  Releasing & Clearing Emotion


Sunday, November 18, 2018    9 am-4 pm


Just in time for the Thanksgiving trip to see the family!  One of the most neglected areas in our culture is learning how to be present in the Feeling Body and work skillfully with our emotions.  The morning session will establish our ability to experience the Felt-Sense of the body, and integrate the experience of being Basically Good.  We will briefly cover how and why we have come to our view of self, family and the world, and our ability to be present for our emotions.  From there, we practice deepening our self-love, self-esteem, and self-compassion.

In the afternoon, we will delve into  safe and helpful Emotional Expression.  Often, we are too passive (repress and avoid), or too expressive (criticize, blame, explode) with our feelings.  When emotions are not expressed in healthy ways, they become “trapped” in the physical and energy body.  Trapped negative emotions are the root cause of, or a significant contributing factor in many things that go wrong in the physical body.  They also contribute to addiction, compulsive behaviors, and dysfunction in your relationships, career, etc.  Learn safe, effective ways to move, express and clear your emotional Body!


The practices will teach us to:

  • connect with the Feeling Body
  • establish a sense of ease and safety
  • access our Emotional Intelligence
  • ground ourselves in Basic Human Goodness and Dignity
  • release trapped negative emotions
  • uncover one’s own Essence Love



$175 —  Venmo, Zelle, cash or check; or with 3% service charge added, PayPal (“send to a friend”) and Square


Email Kat to let her know of your interest, and  your payment preference.

LOCATION: Four Aims Counseling & Mind-Body Therapy

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