• Embodied Awareness Workshop

Connect to the Feeling Body and Heal!

For many of us, the body can be a confusing, even painful place to inhabit.  Since it holds our sensations, energy, feelings and emotions, it’s no wonder that in the face of difficulties we shut down our Embodied Awareness. Instead, our culture teaches us how to numb, avoid, minimize, or constantly “fix” the felt experiences that arise within us. 

Just as our physical body suffers when we don’t take proper care of it, so too does our Feeling Body. Like an attic that accumulates a bunch of worn-out stuff covered in dust and cob webs, when we ignore our body of feelings, our emotions and life force energies get “cluttered” and affect our emotional wellness and ability to express ourselves well. This further compounds when we have unresolved trauma or relational injuries. 

Embodied awareness is a practice of meeting the body on it’s own terms, learning to safely reconnect, and heal. We develop an ability to truly listen to our bodies, deepening our capacity to approach ever subtler sensations and emotions with a more inquisitive and expansive heart.

On a Sunday morning we will “touch the ground of the body with kindness,” and dive into embodied awareness practice that engages a unified and loving presence. Through periods of meditation, very simple movement, breath practice and discussion we will explore and develop our connection to a calmer, more resilient, and interconnected state of being. This kind of on-going experience then leads us beyond the self-fragmentation that causes unnecessary suffering, to a more aware and compassionate state.  We can then show up for ourselves and in all our relationships with less reactivity, defensiveness and far greater curiosity.  

This workshop will especially benefit those working with unhealed wounds still resonating in the energy body, which may lead to addictive, compulsive or escapist tendencies.  Included are teachings from the somatic traditions of body-psychotherapy, Tibetan yoga, classical yoga and Mindfulness traditions.

No experience necessary.

Date & Location of Workshop

Sunday, April 28, 2018 9 am -12 pm

The Four Aims Center
4601 SW Othello St (2 blocks from Lincoln Park in West Seattle)
Seattle WA 98136
Cost: $50 for a single workshop; Pre-registration is necessary as there is limited space available.

To register directly using Venmo or PayPal:
~ Venmo: search for KatAllen58, and send $50, with a note designating your workshop choice.
~ PayPal: send $5o to kat@fouraims.com via friends/family (to avoid a fee), with a note designating which workshop.

To register with Square, Zelle, check or cash, click here to inform Kat which payment option you would prefer, and she can invoice you.

For any further questions, call 206-650-7449 or email, kat@fouraims.com

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