• Clear & Ground Your Energy–a Workshop with Kat Allen

Learn to clear and ground your energy using Taoist-Tibetan & Hatha Yoga Practices, and experience how life-changing working with the energy body can be! 

Kat has developed an accessible, enjoyable and effective method of exploreing energy practices, which when practiced regularly, support the transformation of old patterns of the body-mind! These simple but profoundly effective exercises from three ancient traditions are skillfully blended by Kat into a unique and rejuvenating workshop. This workshop is suitable and helpful for anyone, but especially if you have been dealing with injury, illness or alot of stress.   While we will mostly be working on the floor with simple asanas and stretches, some basic balancing postures will also be included. The majority of our time will be learning how to sense and track our subtle energy through breathing, meditation, and visualization, with some toning or chanting included to stimulate energy flow and awareness.

When: Tuesday, January 12, 2016     5:45-8 pm
Where: Center for Movement & Healing
Cost: $ 40
To Register: call 206-650-7449, or email Kat: kat@fouraims.com.  Checks, cash, Paypal and Square can be used to reserve your spot!

Be sure to read Kat’s article “Transformation = clearing + energy “


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